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The total production is 25000 – 30000 ton per year and our plan is to increase the production to be 40000 during 2013.

Our pebbles are used as a grinding ball into ball mills (ceramics industry)

The high silica content ( 98.8%), and the hardness (7.5 on the Mohs scale) as well as the rounding make our flint pebbles is an exceptional quality, with the local companies and the export territories.

Our pebbles are sorted exclusively by hand

Standard Size Available :

  • 2/4 cm.
  • 4/6 cm.
  • 6/8/cm.
  • 8/10 cm.
  • 10/12 cm.
  • 10/15 cm .
  • 12/15 cm.

Ability to produce specific sizes upon request